Shaanxi to Implement 13-Year Free Education from this Autumn

Date:2016-03-15 08:32

7th March is the media open day of Shaanxi delegation. Early in the morning, more than 100 journalists from over 50 domestic and foreign media gathered at the assembly room of Shaanxi delegation, ready to interview Shaanxi delegation’s review on the draft of the “13th Five-Year Plan”. Around 11:00a.m. when Shaanxi delegation finished the deliberation, domestic and foreign media lost no time to prepare their questions. Eight representatives, including Lou Qinjian, Governor of Shaanxi Province and Deputy Head of Shaanxi Delegation, Wang Shuguo, President of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shangguan Jiqing, Mayor of Xi’an City, Liang Hongxian, Mayor of Yan’an City, Fang Weifeng, Director of Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Zhao Jiping, Honorary Chairman of Chinese Musicians Association and Chairman of Shaanxi Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Huang Xiaoping, President of Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metals Group, and Xu Qunxian, Chairman of the Trade Union of Tongchuan Xiashijie Coal Mine of Shaanxi Coal Industry Company Limited, stepped into the assembly room and were collectively interviewed by domestic and foreign media.

About economic development

Shaanxi keeps a rising trend in economic development

Phoenix TV: Shaanxi expects to achieve an economic growth of around 8% in 2016, where is your confidence from? What “secrets” do you have to achieve this goal? In terms of de-capacity, what specific measures and plans do you have to arrange coal mine workers and maintain workers’ benefits?According to Lou Qinjian, Shaanxi is a major province of energy, with 70 million tons of oil & gas reserve and 500 million tons of coal reserve. In the context of bluff-type fall of energy price affecting 3 percentage points of economic growth, Shaanxi kept a relatively rapid growth rate (8%) in 2015, indicating that Shaanxi maintained a rising trend in economic development. Firstly, this mainly benefited from our timely response to market changes. Shaanxi never depended on increase of coal yield for its economic development; instead, it paid attention to the transformation from coal to electric energy and chemical products, which vigorously reduced the impact of coal price fall. Secondly, this mainly benefited from our industrial restructuring from the beginning of the “12th Five-Year Plan”. We actively developed new kinetic energy. By virtue of technological advantages, we introduced a batch of international well-known enterprises like Samsung etc., supported research, development and manufacturing of a series of cutting-edge products such as BYD new energy automobile, natural gas heavy-duty truck of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd., “Xinzhou 700” and “Dayun” aircrafts in Shaanxi, created opportunities and laid the foundation for the expansion and export sales of Shaanxi’s industrial products, and driven the development of the new material industry. Meanwhile, we vigorously developed the aviation service industry relying on increase of the throughput of Xianyang International Airport, accelerated agricultural structure adjustment with the help of “internet+”, actively cultivated main market players around “public entrepreneurship and public innovation”, and promoted the transformation of large enterprises such as Western Electric, Shaangu and Qinchuan from product selling to service rendering. All these have provided Shaanxi with new kinetic energy for development and have become strong support for the upward economic development of Shaanxi.

About talent training

Shaanxi will build a new mechanism closely related to social needs

SXBC: How will Shaanxi promote “industry-university-institute” integrated development?

Wang Shuguo replied, mismatch of “industry-university-institute” is a common problem nationwide. Now, many firms’ scientific researches have got ahead of universities and research institutes, and thus forced the latter two to initiatively break walls and go out of the tower of ivory to contact social elements. Shaanxi’s construction of the Western Scientific Innovation Harbor is exactly designed to create a benign interaction platform where universities and the society are closely related for joint development while technologies are driven by needs. In the 21st century, intelligence and informationization will be the development trends of equipment manufacturing, for which Shaanxi has enough manpower and S&T resources, but it must break through the integration with social needs. Shaanxi will build a new mechanism closely related to social needs, and carry out talent training and scientific researches on condition that technologies are driven by needs.

About educational reform

Shaanxi will add RMB 1,600 per senior high school student to exempt tuition

CETV: We are interested in Shaanxi’s implementation of 13-year free education

Lou Qinjian said that education is an important guarantee to change the backward situation and achieve future development, and it is also the largest people’s livelihood. Shaanxi Provincial CPC Committee and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government have always paid high attention to education, and the investment in education development has always been around 4%. From this autumn, Shaanxi will fully implement 13-year free education. Hereby I must declare again that we can achieve this goal definitely. Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government has decided to add RMB 1,600 per student to the original annual average expenditure of RMB 800 per senior high school student to exempt tuition. To this end, Shaanxi will add around RMB 1.3 billion financial investment per year, reflecting Shaanxi’s solemn promise to input “two 80%” in improving people’s livelihood.

About environmental protection

Shaanxi will take integrated measures to ensure supply of clean water to Beijing

Xinhua News Agency: How can Shaanxi ensure supply of clean water to Beijing? And how to make people get rich on the premise of clean water?

Fang Weifeng replied, 70% water of the eastern route of the National South-to-North Water Transfer Project is from the Han River of Shaanxi. From project beginning to mature period, Shaanxi has taken various measures (e.g. widely establishing county-level sewage and waste treatment plants, shutting down small mines, and relocating rural residents to towns) to ensure above national class-II water quality. The 28 counties governed by three cities in southern Shaanxi involved in water resource protection are also national poverty-stricken core areas in the Qinling-Daba Mountains area. In the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, we’ll promote green cyclic development, and deepen cadres’ and the masses’ awareness of water protection. By developing industrial parks, relocating the masses, developing export of labor services, etc., the proportion of the economic aggregate of southern Shaanxi in the entire province has increased by two percentage points. Shaanxi’s comprehensive measures will not only beautify the ecological environment and ensure clean water, but also push the people at the water source to get rich through circular development.

About foreign trade

Shaanxi’s total volume of foreign trade exceeded USD 30 billion in 2015

CCTV: In the context of relatively low overseas market demands, how can enterprises of Shaanxi - an inland province “go out” steadily and nicely? And how can more Shaanxi brands be recognized at abroad?

Huang Xiaoping said that after implementation of the national “Belt and Road” strategy, Shaanxi has taken advantage of the policy advantages to “go out” to those countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Marine Silk Road. Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metals Group has successively established a lead zinc ore mine with Tajikistan and an industrial park with Indonesia. Meanwhile, we also paid high attention to introduction of foreign advanced technologies to continuously improve our product quality and equipment technologies.

Lou Qinjian added, the starting point of the “Belt and Road” is Xi’an, and Shaanxi is a major province of science and education, so in recent years, more and more local enterprises have tried to go out for development. Meanwhile, many Central Asian countries have also sent their students to Xi’an to learn knowledge about energy and chemical industry. Shaanxi has also taken a series of effective measures to promote foreign trade development. In 2015, Shaanxi’s total volume of foreign trade broke through USD 30 billion, increasing by 12.8% and ranking the 5th nationwide.

About cultural development

The “Great Qinling Mountains” symphony will go on tour nationwide in May-June

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po: What suggestions does Shaanxi give on inheritance of traditional culture and reconstruction of cultural confidence?

Zhao Jiping said that cultural confidence is reflected everywhere in Shaanxi. Shaanxi is a treasure land of cultures, rich in cultural resources. More valuably, there are grass-root groups of artists. These artists can stand loneliness and take root in life, without any fickleness. They are highly confident in our traditional cultures and regard those as cultural treasures in life. With attention and support from Shaanxi Provincial CPC Committee and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, Shaanxi literary and art circles have created eight movements for the “Great Qinling Mountains” symphony, in which you can see the shadows and states of many traditional cultures. The symphony will go on tour nationwide in this May-June.

About accurate poverty alleviation

Yan’an will take the lead to achieve poverty alleviation objectives before 2018

Farmers’ Daily: What measures for accurate poverty alleviation will be taken in Yan’an old revolutionary base areas?

Liang Hongxian replied that Yan’an promises to take the lead to achieve poverty alleviation objectives before 2018. Main measures taken include: first, accurate identification of poverty alleviation objects, namely to accurately learn all poverty-stricken population’s poverty reasons and relevant poverty alleviation countermeasures; second, industry-based poverty alleviation, namely on one hand, to help farmers develop apple and other specialty industries and promote enterprises to participate in joint poverty alleviation work, and on the other hand, to accelerate new industrialization construction; third, relocation-based poverty alleviation, namely to relocate those areas with poor living and production conditions as a whole combined with promotion of new-type urbanization; fourth, capability-based poverty alleviation, namely to actively develop skill training for farmers, improve farmers’ professional skill level and alleviate poverty through education; and fifth, financial support, namely to help “five-guarantee” households, the aged, the disabled and those without labor capacity get rid of poverty with financial support. Currently, more than 37,000 leaders of Yan’an have been assigned to specific households for three consecutive years, so as to take the lead to achieve overall poverty alleviation before 2018 among all old revolutionary base areas in China.

About “Belt and Road”

Xi’an is a window of China “opening up to the west”

Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao: What opportunities are brought by the “Belt and Road” t strategy to Xi’an?

Shangguan Jiqing replied that the implementation of the national “Belt and Road” strategy has brought Xi’an golden development opportunities. Let’s look back the development of Xi’an since the reform and opening-up policy, where it is integrated into a national policy, it can enter a good and fast development period. As the starting point of the ancient “Silk Road”, Xi’an is a window of China “opening up to the west”, with prominent advantages in historical culture, geographical location, science and education recourses, industrial bases, port platforms, etc. Xi’an will seize development - the primary task firmly, strive to turn innovation into the first impetus to support and lead development, and vigorously develop high-end industries in the value chain such as aerospace, electronic information, biomedicine and new energy automobile. Besides, Xi’an will also pay high attention to modern services industries represented by finance, cultural tourism, convention and exhibition, etc., build a new modern industrial system with Xi’an characteristics, substantially enhance five abilities (i.e. urban innovation driving force, industrial competitiveness, comprehensive carrying capacity, radiation driving force and green development), and accelerate the pace to be a “1-trillion GDP club”.

Many other domestic and foreign journalists from Russian Alpha TV, Russian Gold Brick TV, China Electronics News, China Economic Times, etc. also raise questions and communicate with Shaanxi’s representatives.

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